Esoteric Acupuncture places an emphasis on centering and strengthening the client’s Higher Inner Spiritual Heart with the use of various New Encoding Patterns. Besides activating, tonifying and harmonizing the qi within the acupuncture meridians (located in the etheric planes of consciousness), the Esoteric Acupuncture treatments also connect various non-acupuncture energy pathways to create what are known as Axiatonal Grids in the client’s energy field. These Axiatonal Grids stimulate and retain consciousness within a field known as a Morphic Field. 

This specific Morphic Field (surrounding a person who has received an advanced New Encoding Pattern on both the posterior and anterior sides of the body) retains a very fine frequency vibration that emits certain codes, or consciousness. This consciousness communicates with others who have a similar Axiatonal Grid surrounding the energy field of that person. In Esoteric Acupuncture, this communication occurs by a system known as Light Language. The transference of information via Light Language is not dependent upon being able to see auras, sensing the energy field around the individual, or recognizing some familiarity through a past life connection. The “Light” is an invisible memory field that instantaneously communicates telepathically with another who vibrates with the frequencies of Light Language. You will not necessarily receive information in the dense concrete planes of your left brain. The “language” is transferred via an instantaneous communication of Minds through a very fine, higher frequency of Knowingness. Light Language is another type of communication available for those who have awakened. 

Let us spread the Light together.