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Traditional Wind, as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine, has limits. Traditional Wind is contained within Esoteric Wind. Esoteric Wind is vast and expansive. Esoteric Wind is contained within the Mind. One way to activate an initial awakening of Esoteric Wind is to very gently insert an acupuncture needle at the acupuncture site of Wind Mansion, known by the names Feng Fu and Du-16 in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Theory. In Esoteric Acupuncture, the initial activation that occurs at the site of Feng Fu (Du-16) also triggers an early stage initial awakening of the Talu Chakra, which in turn starts the process of communications with the Ajna Center, Manas Chakra, Indu Chakra and the Brahmarandhra Chakra. These chakras are all contained within the Mind. 


 The Multiverse, containing our Universe, is extremely vast and seemingly endless. An Awakened Mind is extremely vast and seemingly endless. One is contained Within the Other.