The Call goes out to all Light Workers who agreed to hold the Inner Light at their Spiritual Heart Center. We must be extra diligent and stay in our Spiritual Heart Center at this particular time of this global change. It was mentioned in an earlier work of the Esoteric Acupuncture Series that the #1 was the esoteric number of Love. This number encompasses the attributes of sharing, compassion, inclusion, joy, happiness, openness and Freedom. Love is the gateway to one’s True Spiritual Heart Center. The #2 is the esoteric number of Fear, that includes anger, deceit, divisiveness, stagnation, exclusion, control and other stifling energetics that are the opposite of Freedom.

Stay in your Spiritual Heart Center. Do not be pulled into arguments. Now is the time to be True to Yourself. Are you doing your part to stay in the Light of your Spiritual Heart Center. For those of you who feel you are in some leadership stage of your Inner Spiritual Journey, you have more responsibilities than your followers. Are you honestly True to Yourself? Are you truly holding the Inner Light of Love? Or have you fallen into the trap of fear, uncertainty and confusion? We need to be strong and hold our Inner Spiritual Light. You have been summoned!