A New Paradigm of Healing

A New Paradigm of Healing is occurring today which is not based upon the mere treatment and cure of a diseased state. We must go beyond the Old Newtonian way of thinking, and move into a New Quantum World of thought and Beyond. Energy equals matter and matter is energy. Matter is form. Energy is non-form (spirit).

The New Healing is the shift into a higher level and understanding of Spirituality and a move into our True Spiritual Nature. There is a New Humanity developing today. There is a New Pulse developing for this planet. Are you in the flow of the energetics of this New Humanity, or are you stagnant in the old energies? The shift into the New is called the Quickening.

Everything is interconnected through an intricate grid system concealing a Mysterious Puzzle. The key to unraveling your Own Personal Mysteries is to first be able to jump the Esoteric Synapses. Then to reveal the Hidden Gateways, you must go through the Mother to fully embrace the Father (Guru) Within. As you exceedingly refine your frequencies and become in tune with the Mother Within, you will understand your own puzzle piece of life, both the exoteric and the esoteric.

Always Be True to Your Higher Self

Trust Is the Gateway to Your Heart