Who are you? Think before you answer.

What is your true Puzzle Piece in Life? Why are you here?

To uncover or re-discover the Greatness within yourself, it is best to know your Puzzle Piece in Life. Do not settle for mediocrity. Go for the Greatness Within. If you find the Greatness Within yourself, you will find your Puzzle Piece in this Life. If you don’t know and pursue your purpose in this life, then you will always be searching for someone or something to give meaning to your life. You will always keep looking outside to try and receive energy. How many times a day do you talk about someone else or about some event or events? Those outside events give you energy. How often do you search the internet, text or talk on your cell phone, or stay connected to others through social media? You will always be looking outside for the energy. When do you have time to quiet the mind and reflect on your own inner world?

Finding and traveling smoothly on your Puzzle Piece means you will be moving on your own Heart Center and your own Heart/Spirit Path and relying on the “fire” (energy/qi) create by the communication of your own Twin Flames — that from Mingmen Fire of the kidney system and the Shendao Fire of the heart system. This means that you rely on and receive energy from within. You do not need to rely on, or receive additional outside energy or outside stimulations. You will have found that Greatness Within Yourself. This Greatness Within will constantly stimulate, motivate and supply you with physical and mental energies, creative qi and an endless flow of Heart Qi.

Over a period of time and Stillness, you may eventually find your way back to your own beginning, the field of your Original Shen.