“Rebels” refer to The Seekers who become Seers and eventually become the Keepers of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

“Rebels” have entered that space in their Mind/Spirit (Higher Shen) that gives them the ability and burning desire to take the Great Leap Forward in Consciousness.

The Obvious Is NEVER The Real Reason.

Understanding this type of thinking, requires that you are able to Jump the Esoteric Synapses of the Brain.

You are the New Bearers of the title “The New Externalization of the Hierarchy.”

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings is not synonymous with the Esoteric Secrets of the controlling families and those of the higher frequency controlling entities. The true inner fabric (core) of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings has always carried the higher frequencies of Love/Wisdom of the Heart and was designed to open the Inner Higher Spiritual Heart for the spiritual growth (not religious growth) and expansion of each individual Soul/Spirit. The greater purpose of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings is for the expansion of the inner spirit of those ready individuals who will then spread this information within their own family/tribal structure. When this Love/Wisdom frequency is vibrating strongly enough, there will be an expansive Inner Heart shift throughout Planet Earth and into the Cosmos. What are you doing to make this Inner Heart shift happen?