For those of you who use color therapy as an adjunct with your main treatment modality, or use color as your primary treatment tool, I would suggest using a color that has a different vibration than the seven colors associated with the Hindu Chakra System which are: red for the Muladhara (Root Chakra), orange for the Swadthisthana (Sacral Chakra), yellow for the Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra), green for the Anahata (Heart Chakra), blue for the Vishuddha (Throat Chakra), indigo for the Ajna Center (Third Eye Chakra), and violet for the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). I highly recommend using colored gels that are based upon Dinshah’s wave theory. (Do not confuse the frequencies of colored light to be the same as the laws of colors when used as pigments.)

Magenta In Blue is the name of a song I wrote this year (2017) for guitar and is dedicated to women who feel they are not being seen or heard. Upon first viewing the color magenta, you will notice the predominantly red color. But magenta contains other shades besides red that may sway you into thinking that magenta is a variation of purple. (Purple has more blue than magenta.) The outer appearance of red symbolizes the external/exterior and is the way most people, but especially most men, will view women from the physical exterior. Unless you are a Brahmacharya or have clear psychic vision, you will notice the physical exterior in another person first. (I am using the term Brahmacharya to mean those who practice strict celibacy, including of the mind, and not for those who want to conserve their sexual energy and direct those energies toward their inner path, but are not celibate.)

Magenta contains blue and a shade of lilac infused within the dominant color red. The color blue symbolizes both the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Wisdom. The Ocean of Knowledge is the domain of the consciousness of the male concrete mind. The Ocean of Wisdom is the domain of the consciousness of the feminine abstract mind. The color blue also symbolizes the truth and is associated with the Vishuddha (Throat Chakra). This is the main chakra (along with the Anahata/Heart Chakra) that controls speaking out and the ability to express oneself, both verbally and creatively. Why do you think that so many women in the United States have thyroid issues? Do you think it is because women do not intake as much iodine as men? Women have centuries and even millennia of dominating male programming that has implanted in women the idea that women must be good sexual partners, good cooks and good mothers. To keep women in their place, women are not allowed to express themselves for fear of retribution or rejection.

Although the song Magenta In Blue is in a minor key and westerners may feel that minor keys represent sadness (blue is sometimes associated with sadness ), the song is an expressive gesture honoring the complexities, intricacies and deep beauty within the feminine psyche and is not about sadness or feeling lonely. (Very often the complexities within a woman are very deeply buried/hidden.) The color blue within magenta also carries the frequencies of safeness and the feeling of inner security. Most women (especially post-menopausal women) feel they can never express their deepest inner emotional feelings to their closest intimate partner because women may not feel safe enough or may feel they will not be heard, understood or appreciated. Unless both partners are vibrating at a similar frequency, the voice of the feminine will only be understood at a superficial level. The blue within magenta is a reminder to women to allow the inner creative spirit to expand outwardly. The information stored within magenta is communicating to you through the magenta light waves that it is not only okay but there is some urgency for you to express both your deepest inner feelings and especially your inner creative spiritual ideas.

The light from true magenta projects a very soothing vibrational field that allows both inner expansion and inner spiritual growth the chance to manifest outwardly. I recommend try using a magenta colored gel along with a New Encoding Pattern on your next Esoteric Acupuncture treatment. A magenta colored gel is most beneficial for those who are dedicated seekers of their own Inner Spiritual Truth and are currently working toward finding their puzzle piece in life.